Small World Montessori Childcare and Preschool

Small World Montessori Childcare and Preschool Small World Montessori Childcare and Preschool Small World Montessori Childcare and Preschool

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About Us

Dedicated Educators

  • Small World Montessori Childcare, Education, and Preschool exists to create an exciting learning environment for all children and to guide them toward development of the whole self.  We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher.  Our head teachers have a Montessori certificate that is nationally MACTE certified as well as a Bachelor's degree.  Most of our assistants also have achieved higher level education and all are trained in the basics of Montessori when they begin working at Small World.  Our educators and staff are passionate about teaching young children and they bring this enthusiasm into their classroom. 

First-Rate Curriculum

  • Our school provides a stimulating education immersed in the Montessori philosophy and infused with current early childhood education best practices.


  • We provide children with a rich and individualized education, tailored to support future success in their local and global communities.  Classes are multi-aged allowing children to progress at their own pace in a caring community.  

ENRICHMENT:  We offer enrichment programs in art, music, and soccer.  



About Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is credited with creating a powerful method for teaching young children.  Her method was based on scientific research and observation.  Although she was the first female in Rome, Italy to become a Doctor, her work with children has been her greatest achievement.  Montessori schools exist all over the world and span ages 0 to 18 years of age.  The majority of schools, however, serve the 2.5-6 year old population.


Maria Montessori concluded that children learn best by freedom in a prepared environment.  The "teacher" is more of a "guide" for the children to aid them toward self-development.  The Montessori environment is filled with beauty, organization and age appropriate activities that span 3 years.  This multi-age grouping is very intentional in that the younger children learn from the older children and the older children develop a sense of leadership and care for their community.  Creativity and Independence are encouraged through individual instruction and experimentation with the materials. 

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Your child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development are interrelated.  Our teachers carefully and thoughtfully guide your children in all areas of development.


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