Bringing Montessori into the Home
January 28, 2017
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The Beauty of Lists

Many of you know those all too familiar words…” I can’t find my….!” In my case it was my younger son’s shoes this morning. We spent a good 10 minutes (at least it felt that long!) looking for the shoes when my older son said he put them away. Well, we still can’t find them! This delay resulted in being late to school. So, of course I had to rant and carry on about the importance of putting our belongings away so that we can find them when we need them etc… you know the drill parents! Luckily, that little voice reminded me to put the responsibility into my child’s hands by helping him write a list of what to do upon returning home from school. If your child is too young to read you can accomplish this with photos – children love to have control, and they need our help to establish these routines. His list reads: When I get home I….put my shoes away, hang my coat, put my lunchbox on the kitchen counter and start my homework. Happy list making 🙂