Bringing Montessori into the Home

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January 28, 2017
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January 28, 2017
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Bringing Montessori into the Home

“Montessori is amazing!” “My kids thrive because they are going to Montessori school!” “At school they are so independent, yet, when they come home they forget it all!” “What?? My child can put her shoes on all by herself?” Over the years I have noticed that many parents love the idea of Montessori, sign their kids up and leave it to the school to do the rest. Well, rest easy ladies and gentlemen!! Maria Montessori developed a philosophy that can easily be integrated right in to your home. It is not necessary to start knocking down walls, or start purchasing the bead cabinet and the pink tower all you have to do is look around and you will find what you need!

Creating an orderly child friendly environment encourages independence and self discipline. Get on their level (literally bend down and see what they see). Put items that are safe and age appropriate at the level of your child.
Here are a few ideas you can implement right away:
*Place plates, cups and silverware on a low sturdy shelf
*Keep a small basket of towels handy for spills
*Include your child in meal preparation; pouring or chopping with a child safe knife
*Child size broom and dust pan
*Step stools at sinks
*Low shelves with small baskets or trays for toys
*Small table for eating/working
Independence is so empowering to a child! Give your child that gift!

“A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature” – Maria Montessori

Small Hands is a great resource, use Small World Montessori’s customer code to earn materials for your child’s school!