About Small World Montessori

Serving Ages 2.5 to Kindergarten

Our teachers are highly educated in early childhood as well as Montessori certified. The children benefit from a small group setting with low child to teacher ratios in every classroom. Typically we have 8 children to 1 teacher.

Our goal is to create an exciting environment for learning and to guide the children toward the development of the whole self. This includes healthy self-esteem, grace and courtesy, social and emotional development along with academics.

Specifically, the children are guided toward various areas of learning: Language, Math, Science, Geography, Sensorial, Art and Practical Living. Creativity and independence are encouraged in our clean and beautifully prepared environment.


  • Parent
    Coming to Small World Montessori has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. Over a period of two years not only did she learn a lot academically but she grew as a person and as a friend as well. The teaching standard is high and all the teachers bring their personal touch and style to each class. Meera woke up everyday looking forward to her day at school. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.
  • Michelle Barnes
    I really enjoyed my visit to Small World Montessori - I think you are the first true Montessori I've seen!  I loved everything about your school - the way the children are taught, the children's activities and response to teachers and each other, and the general "feel" of the classroom.  I've told many people how great it is - even recommended it for a friend's granddaughter when she is a little older.  Thanks for having me - can't wait to come back next quarter!?
    Michelle Barnes
    Everett Community College Instructor

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